Steppie @ Unique LA

9 Dec

On Saturday, I visited Steppie at Unique LA. If you guys don’t already know about Steppie, she is an amazing designer who sells all things cute on etsy. Seen tons of panda shirts around? Probably hers! She’s a friend from college and I also do her photos for her clothing line which are all over my website.

Since was selling her adorable goods so close by in LA, I decided to go visit and help out (as well as grab some great Christmas gifts). It was constantly crowded at her booth (can’t say that about everyone else’s), which was great to see. Of course, I came dressed in Steppie attire as did Jenny so we walked around the show so people can see Steppie’s clothes in action! It was fun and it’s always great to see how far your friends have come.

If you haven’t heard of her (or even if you have), check out Steppie’s stuff! / Designs by Steppie

Unique LA - SteppieSteppie’s Booth

Sylvia Gunde + SteppieSteppie + Me

Sylvia G PhotographyI love how she uses my photos for little markers on the clothing rack! Such a smart idea!

Jenny Ting + Sylvia GundeJenny Ting and myself.. models for the day!

UCI Vendor Fair - SteppieThis is from Steppie’s booth at UCI’s Vendor Fair (which was right before Unique LA). Melly, Steppie, Me, Jennifer Chung, Jenny (one of Steppie’s models), Addie (one of Steppie’s models), and Julie.

(These photos are all Steppie’s because I didn’t take a camera anywhere!)


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