Arizona Extravaganza

21 Nov

The holidays are quickly rolling around (tomorrow is already Thanksgiving!) and it’s looking like a pretty packed season! I started my festivities a little early with a mini-vacation/road trip a couple of weeks ago to Arizona with Kenny for our anniversary. We both love adventuring and wanted to get out of CA so we decided to go to the Grand Canyon since neither of us have been in a long while. I didn’t take out my SLR much on this trip, actually. Shot most of these with our iPhones.

I absolutely love road trips because you get to see things along the way. We got experience all sorts of scenes and weather on this trip (left 75 degree weather for 30 degree weather).

Sylvia G Photography

When we were getting into the mountains in Arizona, it started snowing! I was hoping we would get snow on the trip (since we don’t ever get any in LA) and it actually snowed for most of the first night since it was 20 degrees. We stayed in the small mountain town of Williams right on historic Route 66. We ate BBQ for dinner at this amazing place called The Singing Pig. The eating area inside is super low key. The food was great (best cole slaw I’ve ever had) but the thing that makes it stand out are the owners. They made it so welcoming and they talked to us throughout our dinner. We even got hugs at the end of it. If you are ever in Williams, you definitely need to eat here.

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography(This part of Route 66 definitely looks like Cars Land at Disney California Adventure)

Early in the morning we left for the Grand Canyon. The weather looks amazing in the photos but it was 30 degrees out. We hiked along the South Rim. While the Rim Trail is easy, I recommend hiking off the trail (I know, the signs say not to) so you can climb down to some awesome ledges!

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography


After, we headed southeast toward Flagstaff. We drove through Coconino National Forest and it was so beautiful. In the higher elevation, the snow was still covering the mountains. We couldn’t help but stop and do a mini-shoot.

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography


We spent some time in downtown Flagstaff and ate at this hip restaurant, Criollo Latin Kitchen. The food was delicious! I had chipotle glazed bison meatloaf and Kenny got some of the best carne asada tacos we’ve ever had in our lives. I’ve never been to Flagstaff (or maybe I have and just don’t remember) but I didn’t know it was so freaking HIP! Hipsters everywhere and all the food places were rated high on yelp and looked so good.

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography


The next day we headed over to Bearizona since we had free tickets. Neither of us have ever been or even knew much about it before going. I’m glad we went because it was an amazing experience! They had a walk-thru sort of “zoo” section that housed all sorts of mountain animals from the cutest foxes to baby bears. We also got to see a bird of prey free flight show. It was crazy how close the birds fly to your head. We then went through a drive-thru portion. It’s essentially Jurassic Park but with mountain animals and they can walk right up to your car (although, most didn’t).

Sylvia G Photography(the hilarious name of their beaver in the walk-thru portion)

Sylvia G Photography
Sylvia G PhotographyThe most exciting part! This wolf came up to my car and sniffed the whole thing. He was so friendly!

Sylvia G PhotographyThey were white bison and reminded me of Appa from Avatar: The Last Airbender hahaha.

Overall, it was a very fun and packed trip! Thank you Kenny for partaking in this adventure with me and happy anniversary! ❤ I wish everyone a fantastic Thanksgiving weekend!



2 Responses to “Arizona Extravaganza”

  1. mobius faith November 22, 2012 at 7:46 AM #

    Excellent images. What fun travels. Have a peaceful shopping-free weekend.

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