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20 Dec

Sylvia G Photography - Colleagues

I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned how much I love shooting musicians and bands. It’s a completely different experience than shooting other subjects. They tend to be very fun, relaxed shoots and are always ready to try new things on the fly. Hopefully in 2013 (if the world doesn’t end tomorrow haha) I’ll get even more opportunities to meet and work with more talented musicians.

Did a quick shoot with Colleagues, a hardcore band from Los Angeles.
Brainchild of Kenny, this project has been evolving over the past couple of years. Although there are 25 songs written so far, they continue to build, mold, and rework the music into something great (but not always what they have originally intended). As the members have also been shifting throughout the project, they are currently looking for a full-time guitarist and bassist so let them know if anyone is interested!

Sylvia G Photography - Colleagues

Sylvia G Photography - Colleagues

Sylvia G Photography - Colleagues


Jennifer Chung

5 Dec

One of my dearests, Jennifer Chung, has been making some crazy changes in her life.

Throughout my 6 year friendship with Jen, I’ve seen her grow many ways as a person and especially musically, but this year she has made some amazing jumps from chopping all of her hair off (and dying parts of it purple) to moving to Korea to work on music there as well as spend some quality time with family she hasn’t seen in forever. I’m always so proud of her hard work and will continue to root for her from the other side of the Pacific. I absolutely love seeing videos, Instagram photos, and posts from all of my friends scattered all over the world continuing to chase their dreams.

Literally  a couple of days before Jen jet off to South Korea, she asked me for one last shoot before her adventure. We got to spend some quality time shooting close by (close as in on my front stoop) and to talk about her excitement and anticipation on what her trip to Korea will bring.

Please follow her adventures and support her music quest on her Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Sylvia G Photography - Jennifer Chung

Sylvia G Photography - Jennifer Chung

Sylvia G Photography - Jennifer Chung

Jen isn’t my only friend attacking the music scene in Korea right now. My friend Marshall Bang is also over there singing. Here’s a video of them doing an impromptu street performance over there!

Natalie Diaz

16 Apr

I’ve been MIA for the past couple of weeks because I’ve been really, really sick. But finally! A new update with some new photos. (:

Did a promo shoot with the spunky singer/songwriter, Natalie Diaz. She’s so multi-faceted and we really wanted to get all different aspects of her personality in these shots.

Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz
Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz

Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz

Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz

Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz

Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz

Sylvia G Photography - Natalie Diaz

Go “like” her on Facebook!

Arshad – Girl on Fire

7 Mar

The ever so awesome Arshad has released a new song that completely blew up the tumblr blogosphere and twitter thanks to The Hunger Games fans!

He released “Girl on Fire” originally as a private release for submission to Universal for The Hunger Games soundtrack which then just exploded all over the internet, getting tens of thousands of hits in days. You can see more info on the song here.

The impact and popularity wasn’t anticipated to be SO huge so we quickly put together a shoot for the cover of “Girl on Fire” so it could be released on iTunes! Please support the artist and buy the song.
Sylvia G Photography - Arshad - Girl on Fire
We also had some fun shooting in the “forest” (aren’t really any forests in LA) to get some “game” photos.

Sylvia G Photography - Arshad - Girl on Fire

Be sure to follow Arshad for more updates about Girl on Fire and future updates about his music and The Hunger Games!
Website / Girl on Fire Website / Facebook / Twitter / Youtube / iTunes

In other news regarding The Hunger Games, check back in a week or two about another blog post regarding one of the actresses in the movie! (;

Channel(s) Promo

16 Feb

Channel(s) is a new up-and-coming band (think indie/folk) who have great potential and tons of personality. They recorded some live demos (check them out here) and are currently working on getting their EP together.

Sylvia G Photography - Channel
Went with something simple and clean that would really showcase who they are for this first promo shoot.

Sylvia G Photography - Channel

Sylvia G Photography - Channel - Danny
Sylvia G Photography - Channel - Francis
Sylvia G Photography - Channel - Loki

Red Alert MV Premiere

31 Jan

After much anticipation, Arshad’s first music video, “Red Alert,” premiered today!

(Watch in HD! You get a whole ton of details – it’s like an action movie.)

It’s awesome to finally release the video to you all after days of hard work that the talent and crew have put in. It was such an amazing experience and a huuuuge thank you to Arshad for having me be a part of the project. It was an honor meeting and working with such amazing people. You can see behind-the-scenes photos and posts from the Red Alert experience here. I’m still blown away by the final product.

Also check out Arshad’s blog post on the release with a behind-the-scenes video about the video and process.

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Website / Facebook / Twitter

Arshad – Red Alert EP

11 Jan

Was lucky to shoot the ever-so-talented Arshad for his new EP, Red Alert.

Sylvia G Photography - Arshad Red Alert
Be sure to check out his facebook page (listen to the EP on there!) as well as follow him on twitter.

Sylvia G Photography - Arshad Red Alert

I’m also really excited for the release of the music video of “Red Alert.” I believe there are some other music videos being made for other songs as well.
Check out these posts covering the making of the music video! Post 1, post 2, post 3.