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Christy LeBeau | Headshots

11 Apr

Christy LeBeau is an aspiring actress who is going to graduate from UC Irvine soon and head out into the real world. I was lucky enough to dorm with this wonderful lady our freshman year at school and we have kept in contact since then. I shot her last batch of headshots when she had blonde hair. She decided to go a little darker this time.

Rather than shooting in studio, we did these outdoors. I primarily shoot headshots in studio, so it was rather rough getting used to shooting headshots outdoors again. I also had no idea where we were going to shoot, except I knew we’d shoot in the NoHo Arts district since I’ve seen lots of other people shoot headshots here. I (stupidly) decided we could just walk/drive around and find things in the NoHo Arts district really easily. It wasn’t necessarily difficult to find cool backdrops, but the lighting was key. Now, whenever I shoot anywhere new, I definitely want to bring someone along so they can use reflectors, block light, etc.

Regardless of trying to do everything in a timely manner while finding the best locations in the area, it was a fun shoot. Shooting Christy is always enjoyable.

Sylvia G Photography - Christy LeBeau

Sylvia G Photography - Christy LeBeau

We had some extra fun with one really cool location.
Sylvia G Photography - Christy LeBeau

And, of course, can’t help but have some random guy want to jump in for a photo.


Sabiy | Headshots

20 Jan

A couple of days ago I did a bunch of shoots with my friend Sabiy. One thing she requested was some headshots for possible agency use. Sadly, it was pouring like crazy the day we wanted to shoot and I love shooting headshots in natural light, but we got some good ones in still! Sabiy has been modeling for a while and been doing a lot of glamour photos but she is turning more towards a lifestyle/commercial aspect of modeling. Keep an eye out for fun fashion photos that we did. I’ll be posting them soon.

sabiyShe says I make people look wholesome. So here, Sabiy. You look wholesome!

Sabiyand a moody one.

Geo | Headshots

10 Jan

Yesterday I had 3 shoots in a row (I will post the other 2 later). I had the opportunity to shoot Geo again, this time for his headshots for DDO. You might remember Geo from my Instant Noodles Crew photos. After graduating from UCI and being a coordinator for Kaba Modern, he moved up to LA to pursue a career as a dancer. It’s always fun and comfortable to shoot Geo and it was no different this time around. I hope these book you lots of jobs! 🙂

Geo LeeHe got some good style, no?

Geo Lee

Mikey’s Headshots

24 Nov

Michael Iinuma, who I call Mikey, is a friend I’ve known since elementary school but have been out of touch with for a while. Luckily, he needed new headshots and we got to meet up for a little bit to do the shoot. It’s always great working with old friends! Mikey is currently located in Los Angeles and is an aspiring actor. I have seen some of his acting work throughout college and he is definitely a very, very talented individual. I’m sure he will do amazingly and go far!



Tom Tsai’s Headshots

22 Nov

I recently did headshots for Tom Tsai, a dancer in LA who just got signed to DDO Agency.
He is also part of Instant Noodles Crew, who I just did a photoshoot for last week.
Either way he is a very talented artist and dancer. While these shots are for auditioning for hip hop, if you visit his page, you can see his amazing work using other dance styles.

Tom Tsai

Tom Tsai