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Interview on The ES Journal

15 Feb

I’ve had a couple of interviews with the awesome Connie Ho from Emerging Students, a magazine and online journal regarding emerging talent from the UK, North America, and Asia.

Sylvia G Photography - Emerging Students

The interview has finally been posted on The ES Journal. I give some insight on starting my own business, some challenges, and some things that inspire me about my work. Enjoy reading! (:

Thank you to Emerging Students for the interview! I look forward to seeing more quality work from your publication.

Check out Emerging Students:
Website / Facebook / The ES Journal  / Twitter


Lazy Rule of Thirds (Jake Garn article)

27 May

A while back I read this great article by fashion photographer Jake Garn about composition – mostly about the rule of thirds and the golden mean. I never was really into the rule of thirds because it always looked off to me and after reading this article, it made so much more sense. He brought in a lot of great information about old artwork as well.

I thought it’d be a great article to share, so check it out and read it here!

Zack Arais’ Lecture @ PhotoCamp Utah

20 May

Watch the lecture here:
(for some reason it won’t embed. sad!)

My friend sent me the link to watch Zack Arias’ lecture that he gave at PhotoCamp Utah this year and I thought it would be a great thing to share. He’s such an easygoing speaker (if you read his blog, you would know what I mean). If you don’t know who he is, he is a commercial/editorial photographer (he’s a HUGE band photographer). I generally agree with his take on photography, commercial or artistic, but he never fails to bring up interesting ideas and points in his blog posts and videos. Check his stuff out!