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9 Jan

Hey everyone, BIG NEWS!

I made a new blog! It has moved over here. ๐Ÿ™‚

Thanks for all your support so far and looking forward to posting & talking to you guys on the new one.


Button Photos

7 Oct

I have yet to blog about it, but I have recently created an Etsy []. I’m slowly adding stuff and today I have added two more photographs, one of which is this:

For those of you who don’t know, I’m obsessed with buttons. I love them. I have a huge collection and I’ve been thinking about what to do with them. I did some scanning experiments with them while in college (some of those are also listed) and I decided to do some straight up camera photographing of buttons and ended up with some photos like the one up there.

That photograph is originally part of a diptych that I made especially for someone dear to me. I couldn’t help but list this one (with some edits from the original) because I loved it so much; how could I not want to share it with others?

I wanted to continue and share this button series (which is more like design than fine art to me) with others while not having it really be a part of Sylvia G Photography so I figured the best way to do that was to create an Etsy under a different name. I’ll be updating my Etsy as I create more of these and I am excited to see what direction this project will go in. To support this project, just order a photo! ๐Ÿ™‚


6 Oct

I haven’t updated in so long because I’ve been considering what to do with this blog thing. I knew it needed a facelift and lots of help so I decided to just basically do an overhaul.

New layout that I made to kind of match my twitter. I feel like this is a huge step up from my last layout (which looked like a middle schooler could have made it).

I also decided that this blog should be a place where clients and Sylvia G Photo supporters could actually learn about me, not just see my work. I will be blogging about my work still but also plan on blogging about fashion, music (because who doesn’t love hearing about new music), food (I’m a huge foodie and I’ve been on a huge cooking binge), as well as about art (let’s put my college major to use). I think it’ll be nice to switch it up and share new things and new experiences with others.

I plan on updating more often so bookmark this baby and see if you can keep up!


29 Jul

Sylvia G PhotographyWithout a fear of change, with the courage of kings, with a steady hand we’ll place everything together again.

Driving down the 110 and all you can see is a sea of palm trees on either side.

I’m still trying to figure out direction for my blog as well as my work as a whole, probably one of the more difficult things I have had to figure out. But it is also a never ending process so I guess I shouldn’t try to think too much. I’m excited to see where I can take this all, though. And maybe you’ll have the patience to wait and see as well.


18 Jun

I haven’t posted it on here yet, but I recently made a twitter account.

I’m not a huge fan about posting everything about my life for everyone to see but social networking is a great business tool, so how could I not take advantage of it? It’s amazing to live in a time where so much marketing can be done through social networking websites such as facebook and twitter. It’s easy and free so any company can and should take advantage of it.

Be sure to follow me!

And I have to add something very important that happened this week: THE LAKERS WON THE PLAYOFFS!!


9 Apr

There have been some major changes in my life. Most recently, I quit my studio job at Studio Seress. I am now 100% self employed. I will be working on Sylvia G Photography full time. Scared? Yes. But I am more excited than anything!

I’ve been thinking a lot about a variety of things recently and one is what direction to take this blog in. I’ve been using it as a lot of random shoot recaps and such, which I think is fine, but I really want more than that. I want to contribute to the photography community somehow with this blog and I think a great way to do that is just write more about what I learn on this journey. To write about my mistakes and successes as a photographer. People who are newer in the field might find some of this stuff beneficial and people who are more advanced could probably give me some tips.

So that will be a new goal for this blog. I really hope it works out.
As of now, my life is very crazy and unorganized but as I put things together I’m sure the blog and why it’s here will fall into place.

Either way, feel free to leave feedback!

New Red Cup IT Website!

8 Apr

Remember the shoot I did for Red Cup IT? Well, the recently revamped their website and have put up the photos I did. Their new snazzy website matches their young style but is still very professional. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t yet, and remember, they are highly recommended by me if you need something computer related fixed!

Sylvia G Photography - Red Cup IT