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Hellos and Goodbyes

6 Feb

A couple of days ago I got my new Nikon d700! Say hello to my new darling!
(PS I took this with my cell camera.. hahaha)
A great thank you to Dyo for the great hookup. This camera is freaking amazing! It’s so fast and the quality is so good! I surprisingly haven’t played with it much since I got it, but it’s great to finally have it to work with. I do miss my trusty d80 that I’ve had for so long, but it is in good hands. I’m looking forward to many wonderful shoots with this new camera.

And now it’s coming to a time where I have to say goodbye to my current apartment. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I am moving out. If you are wondering why I’ve been such a hermit this week and will be for the next week, it’s honestly because I want to spend as much time here as I can. In the beginning I wasn’t in love with it. It took a while for me to feel at home, but now that’s what it’s become. My home. It’s my first home out of college. It’s a place where I feel like I’ve grown and changed so much. It’s a place full of so many memories, both happy and sad. And as much as I complained that it has no insulation, that the dishwasher doesn’t work, that the water never comes out a consistent temperature among so many other things, it’s still somewhere I love. When I see the hills I feel like I can breathe. And I can watch the sunset over the city from my couch.
I never thought I’d miss this place so much.


Ability, Changes, Growth

1 Feb

As life proceeds to confuse you, sometimes all you can do is sit in the dark and try to make sense of it all. Of course, a huge part of my life is photography, the other are my relationships to others, both which never fail to stray from the course I originally have planned for them.

As a budding photographer, I still have so many insecurities about my work. However, I still understand that there is still so much growth that I have to do with my work, my work process, as well as emotionally as a person. There are limitations to everything, and I think I’ve come smashing into all of mine in my current state at the moment.

A friend posted a very good article (you can read it here) about photographers and equipment and ability. “Nobody cares about your brush, Vincent Van Gogh.” So why do people care so much about what type of camera so and so is using? A very valid point. People just see it as a status symbol. They think it will make them automatically better. However, it’s about ability, not equipment. However, equipment DOES make a difference if you know what/why you need it. For example, I still shoot everything with my highly-trusted Nikon d80. Yes, people look at my camera and snicker, but if I showed them photos I have taken, they probably can’t tell what I’ve used for it. I AM upgrading to a d700 this week, something that I think is well worth blowing saved money on because I have completely hit the limits of my d80. I can no longer do what I want with that camera, which is why I’m upgrading after these (great) years with my current camera.

I am excited to strengthen and learn new abilities and grow into something bigger and better, in both my photography and as a person. Although I feel a little confused and stuck currently in both, I am not worrying that things will stay this way. I will keep going.

Business Cards are In!

6 Jan

Sylvia G Photography Business Cards

I was getting ready to go to the studio for work today and I hear a knock at the door. I thought maybe it was a maintenance  person but it was better! Fed Ex Man! Dropping off my new business cards for Sylvia G Photography unexpectedly. I thought it would take longer since I ordered it during the holidays but it arrived pretty quickly. I’m very happy with them and I have a lot, so please take some and pass it on to friends!

Thanks Alyssa for helping with ideas! 😀

I can PRINT!!

12 Dec

I (finally) signed up to print with ProDPI. It’s exciting since it’s something I’ve been planning on doing but just haven’t until now. I got some test prints and they look great! Now I can finally print projects, stuff for clients, stuff for Sylvia G Photography and I can finally do my printed portfolio. I’m hoping to get a Pina Zangaro portfolio sometime soon.. but lets see how long it actually takes me!

Sylvia G Photography with ProDPI

These swatches of paper options made me super excited. So excited I took this horrible photo of it! 🙂

So lets do some photos and get them printed!!

Steppie @ Unique LA

9 Dec

On Saturday, I visited Steppie at Unique LA. If you guys don’t already know about Steppie, she is an amazing designer who sells all things cute on etsy. Seen tons of panda shirts around? Probably hers! She’s a friend from college and I also do her photos for her clothing line which are all over my website.

Since was selling her adorable goods so close by in LA, I decided to go visit and help out (as well as grab some great Christmas gifts). It was constantly crowded at her booth (can’t say that about everyone else’s), which was great to see. Of course, I came dressed in Steppie attire as did Jenny so we walked around the show so people can see Steppie’s clothes in action! It was fun and it’s always great to see how far your friends have come.

If you haven’t heard of her (or even if you have), check out Steppie’s stuff! / Designs by Steppie

Unique LA - SteppieSteppie’s Booth

Sylvia Gunde + SteppieSteppie + Me

Sylvia G PhotographyI love how she uses my photos for little markers on the clothing rack! Such a smart idea!

Jenny Ting + Sylvia GundeJenny Ting and myself.. models for the day!

UCI Vendor Fair - SteppieThis is from Steppie’s booth at UCI’s Vendor Fair (which was right before Unique LA). Melly, Steppie, Me, Jennifer Chung, Jenny (one of Steppie’s models), Addie (one of Steppie’s models), and Julie.

(These photos are all Steppie’s because I didn’t take a camera anywhere!)

New Blog!

3 Nov

Made a new photography blog since I made a new website (and never updated my old one anyway).

Visit my website @ Sylvia G Photography.