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Miso Bakes | Product

26 Jul

I have been having meetings with Stella (Miso Bakes) to plan some collaboration shoots. This is the first of several.

Stella went to UCI with me and after she attended Le Cordon Bleu and is heading on her way to be an amazing patissier! I am always so amazed not only by her skill and attention to detail but her imagination. I knew she was going to make a teapot cake for this tea party themed shoot but I never imagined it would be an amazing teapot that looks like a flower!

Evanne was our model and she did such a stunning job. I was so excited when I found her because she had the perfect look that I had in mind. She made my job so easy. 🙂

I was a little worried about lighting because when we started setting up it was really harsh still, but as it sank behind the hills it became so much more beautiful. And a BIG thanks to Stella for being such a good sport and assisting me when I needed it.

Sylvia G Photography - Miso Bakes

Sylvia G Photography - Miso BakesThat is not ice cream. It’s actually a cupcake!

Sylvia G Photography - Miso BakesAnd check out that teapot cake.