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2 Jan

Sylvia G Photography - Instagram

The holiday season is finally coming to a close. It was full of food, family, and friends – and I documented many of my holiday adventures on Instagram! These are some highlights in photos from December.



29 Nov

I’m sure I’ve repeatedly talked about what a huge fan I am of Instagram.

One of my favorite things about Facebook used to be looking through peoples’ photos in my news feed. Now that Instagram has become so popular and is a much simpler platform for accessing photos, I rarely use Facebook. It’s also great to see people using Instagram in so many different ways. I personally like using mine as a diary. I like taking quick photos of things that inspire me or things that I love (which apparently are just food, photography, adventures, and fashion) in order to be able to look back through my feed and see what kind of day/week/month I’ve had.

These are some of my favorite photos/moments from November (it’s FINALLY starting to feel like fall). It was a crazy month full of adventures and new experiences. I’ve been extremely busy and looking forward to kicking back again for a bit and contemplating life once again (what’s new there).

Follow me on my Instagram account (@sylviag_) or  if you don’t have an Instagram and still want to come along on my adventures, my new Instagram web profile!


27 Feb

I’ve only recently became addicted to Instagram. Many people were surprised because how is a photographer NOT on Instagram? I never really understood the appeal until I started using it. I love it because it’s a great way to keep track of mundane/small things that you don’t necessarily need to bust out the huge camera for as well as random things you find beautiful during the day. It’s also great to see so many people, most non-photographers, getting to express their artistic side a bit. It’s like a twitter with only photographs (best idea ever). I have a horrible memory so keeping track of little memories in one place makes this app so fantastic.

I’ve definitely been having a lot of fun with it – so be sure to add me if you’re on it! (@sylviagphoto)

Sylvia G Photography - Instagram