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21 Dec

S2K, or Style 2 Kill, is a new all-female dance project that encompasses many styles of dance.
They have an awesome roster of ridiculously talented ladies and it was great getting to work with a group of girl dancers (since recently I’ve been shooting lots of male dance crews).

I was super excited about the concept that Janice came up with. We decided to go with a multi-bird theme – matching the personalities of each girl in the group into a type of bird (eagles, peacocks, and robins). Hikari and Janice put together a perfect team together and planned out the shoot super well. AMAZING job to the hairstylists, Jasmine Chang and Marshall Bang, for their hard work – I was amazed at how much you two did in such a short period of time. So much planning and hard work was put into this shoot so I’m glad everything ended up being pretty amazing.

Sylvia G Photography - S2K
Sylvia G Photography - S2K
Birds in flight
Sylvia G Photography - S2K
Eagles (Yuri, Cindy, Katie, Savannah)
Sylvia G Photography - S2K
Peacocks (Aakriti, Amy, Dana, Hikari)
Sylvia G Photography - S2K
Robins (Jolene, Janice, Juli, Karen)
Sylvia G Photography - S2K
Thank you girls for being so easy and fun to work with!

And thank you Deyo for filming the shoot! See the video from the shoot here:

And a big thank you to Kenny for assisting me for the day (making sure I had water and cough drops since I was sick).
Sylvia G Photography - S2K

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Kaba Modern Photoshoot video & updates

14 Jul

Kaba Modern did a revamp of their website and included photos from their photoshoot (check out their “Team” section).

Sylvia G Photography - Kaba Modern
Great interview videos by DeyOne Films are also new additions to the site. Meet the members and get to know the 2011 team!

DeyOne Films also put together a behind-the-scenes video from the shoot. Amazing job with everything, Deyo (and Katie).

And one last great update:
Colin Takahashi, also on Kaba Modern, got interviewed by the Korean-American magazine, KoreAM, and my photo was featured. Take a look at his interview!

Sylvia G Photography - KoreAm