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Solstice Canyon

12 Dec

Went on an adventure to Solstice Canyon for the first time a couple of days ago. I’ve never been before so it was a fun experience – I definitely want to go back soon when it’s not so dark (we hiked pretty late and it was completely dark when we were hiking out of the canyon) and when I’m not sick. I really wanted to find this grotto with Mary statues but I couldn’t find it this time. ):

The first portion of the hike was easy but once we passed the burned down ranch house, it was purely rock climbing (bouldering). While it sucked to climb around since I was sick, I was glad to have had some climbing experience before going here or it definitely would have been a lot more difficult.

Sylvia G Photography - Solstice Canyon

Planking in what we think was the bedroom.
Sylvia G Photography
“Family Portrait” in front of a fireplace.

Sylvia G Photography - Solstice Canyon
Sylvia G Photography - Solstice Canyon
Climb time.

Sylvia G Photography - Solstice Canyon


Tiffany’s shoot in Malibu | Portrait

19 Jan

This past Saturday I drove over to Malibu to shoot Tiffany. Her boyfriend, Michael, is a hiking/outdoor fanatic so he knew a great spot to do some photos of her in her bellydancing clothing. Tiffany has been bellydancing for about a year and a half and she wanted something very organic and fairy-like (her outfit was very fitting). We had to do some hiking to get to the location, but as always, well worth it. We have plans to do more stuff in the future, which would be amazing! So keep an eye out. (PS she also went to FIDM and has some amazing mini top hats that I totally want to use for a fashion shoot someday!)

TiffanyBeautiful location!!

TiffanyShe actually brought this awesome sword as a prop. We also used it as a walking stick. 🙂

Philip TieuAnd much thanks to Philip for being great and assisting me! Nice “megaphone” you got there.