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It’s part of me, apart from me

23 Oct

Did a fun shoot with my fellow photographer and close friend, Aimee, and our friend who is a makeup artist, Juliet.
Had an awesome time hiking and adventuring around with these girls.

Sylvia G Photography - Aimee Tran Sylvia G Photography - Aimee Tran
Sylvia G Photography - Aimee Tran
Juliet did all of our makeup and hair!

Sylvia G Photography - Juliet
Sylvia G Photography - Juliet

Aimee Tran Photography
Facebook / Blog

Makeup with Juliet
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Invisible is just a word

7 Sep

Sylvia G Photography - Chris Baclig
Worked with such a talented team on this shoot. We started off just going for a grungy look, which turned into “Japanese bum” (yeah, we’re not quite sure what it means either). The story just ended up working itself out in the end.

Sylvia G Photography - Chris Baclig
Sylvia G Photography - Chris Baclig
Sylvia G Photography - Chris Baclig
More photos on facebook.

Everyone really worked so hard and pushed their boundaries for this shoot. I love seeing test shoots as a way for everyone to do something new a daring that they don’t always get to do on other shoots (especially paid gigs) so it was awesome seeing everyone really grab onto that and run with it.

Photographer: Sylvia Gunde [Sylvia G Photography]
Model: Christopher Ian Baclig @ Industry Model Group
Makeup/Hair: Juliet Bourgeois [Makeup with Juliet]
Wardrobe/Styling: Michael Anthony Huynh
Styling Assistant: Jiulliano Manalo

New Red Cup IT Website!

8 Apr

Remember the shoot I did for Red Cup IT? Well, the recently revamped their website and have put up the photos I did. Their new snazzy website matches their young style but is still very professional. Be sure to check them out if you haven’t yet, and remember, they are highly recommended by me if you need something computer related fixed!

Sylvia G Photography - Red Cup IT

Fields. | Portraits

1 Apr

I love fields. I love how they look, I love running through them, and I especially like using them for photos (as you’ve seen me do with the shoot in Lemoore). There is this one particular field I used in Irvine that was always my default field because of it’s easy access as well as the fact that it looked like an endless field with nothing around it (which is pretty far from what it is actually like). I love how fields can change how they look completely depending on the season, weather, etc. so every time it looks like a different field.

Sylvia G PhotographyThis is from a shoot I did with my old roommates before we moved out. This is what the field looked like around June.

Sylvia G Photography - EmilyThis is the same field but in August (2 years ago). The plants were still dead, still tall, but a lot more thinned out.

I went back to have some fun with some friends last week and the field was beautiful! It’s pretty warm in Southern California and it’s usually dry so the fields usually tend to look pretty dead, but since we’ve been having so much moisture, the field was completely alive and in bloom.

Sylvia G Photography - KennyLook at all the pretty colors!

Sylvia G Photography - Jerrell

Sylvia G Photography - Stanley

As cliche as fields are, I can never get sick of them. (:

Red Cup IT | Portraits & Interiors

29 Mar

A bit ago I went to the OC to go photograph Red Cup IT, a new computer-fixit company.

Red Cup has already expanded so much since they have just started and for good reason. They are a talented group of guys (and a girl) who are able to not only run a company, but run a successful one while still in college (most, if not all, attend UC Irvine). They are young but also very experienced. If you ever need your computer fixed and are in the OC or willing to drive there, I highly recommend Red Cup.

I shot headshots of the guys as well as shots of their office, which is in a very trendy loft building. I love how they decorated it as well!

Sylvia G Photography - Red Cup IT

Sylvia G Photography - Red Cup IT

Sylvia G Photography - Red Cup ITWhat a fun group of guys. (:

Thanks Dan and Jeff for being so willing to make this shoot work. Good luck with it!

Also, huge thanks to Kenny for assisting! You are awesome.