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2012 – A Year in Review

31 Dec

The past couple of years, this one included, has been sort of a clusterfuck for me. I wish I were eloquent enough to be able to really explain how I feel about it but I can’t. All I know is when I look back and read my personal journal entries is that my mind has literally been everywhere – and it has completely exhausted me.

I am most definitely stuck in the generation that people have endearingly (or not so endearingly) been labeled as the terrible “twenty-somethings.” And while I relate far too closely to those articles/critiques I read about us, it’s sort of refreshing to be part of that group. It’s unbelievably stressful and it’s exhausting but it’s also insanely rewarding. And while I can’t wait for things to settle down and get figured out, I am slowly learning to try to enjoy the ride a little bit more. Trying to stay creative and really figure out what makes me feel most alive.

My plans for 2013 are much more focused than they have been and I am also forcing myself to try very new, big projects that I have been wanting to work on but haven’t. I’m predicting it will be another stressful year full of failures with some advances like in the past but I also think it will be a much more bright one.

Thank you all for being so supportive in the past and I hope you will all be able to join me in my future endeavors in photography as well as my other projects. ❤

Sylvia G Photography

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29 Nov

I’m sure I’ve repeatedly talked about what a huge fan I am of Instagram.

One of my favorite things about Facebook used to be looking through peoples’ photos in my news feed. Now that Instagram has become so popular and is a much simpler platform for accessing photos, I rarely use Facebook. It’s also great to see people using Instagram in so many different ways. I personally like using mine as a diary. I like taking quick photos of things that inspire me or things that I love (which apparently are just food, photography, adventures, and fashion) in order to be able to look back through my feed and see what kind of day/week/month I’ve had.

These are some of my favorite photos/moments from November (it’s FINALLY starting to feel like fall). It was a crazy month full of adventures and new experiences. I’ve been extremely busy and looking forward to kicking back again for a bit and contemplating life once again (what’s new there).

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Baby on Board!

26 Nov

I clearly remember the phone call that Kenny and I received one evening while we were driving in SF from our dear friends, Joseph and Ashley, telling us that they were expecting! I was so excited for them. It’s insane at how they do things so unexpectedly yet it all feels so perfect. I remember getting a phone call from them several years earlier telling us to meet them in San Diego because they were getting married the next day and needed witnesses. And now we got a call saying they need godparents. ❤

As Ashley’s tummy grew, Kenny and I made a trip up to visit them (they live about 3 hours away from us) so I can take some photos for them as a gift. The beautiful baby boy, Jae-sun Bayani, was born a couple of months ago and I cannot wait to see him and take photos of him!

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography


And here is the father & godfather in all their excitement.
Sylvia G Photography


Ability, Changes, Growth

1 Feb

As life proceeds to confuse you, sometimes all you can do is sit in the dark and try to make sense of it all. Of course, a huge part of my life is photography, the other are my relationships to others, both which never fail to stray from the course I originally have planned for them.

As a budding photographer, I still have so many insecurities about my work. However, I still understand that there is still so much growth that I have to do with my work, my work process, as well as emotionally as a person. There are limitations to everything, and I think I’ve come smashing into all of mine in my current state at the moment.

A friend posted a very good article (you can read it here) about photographers and equipment and ability. “Nobody cares about your brush, Vincent Van Gogh.” So why do people care so much about what type of camera so and so is using? A very valid point. People just see it as a status symbol. They think it will make them automatically better. However, it’s about ability, not equipment. However, equipment DOES make a difference if you know what/why you need it. For example, I still shoot everything with my highly-trusted Nikon d80. Yes, people look at my camera and snicker, but if I showed them photos I have taken, they probably can’t tell what I’ve used for it. I AM upgrading to a d700 this week, something that I think is well worth blowing saved money on because I have completely hit the limits of my d80. I can no longer do what I want with that camera, which is why I’m upgrading after these (great) years with my current camera.

I am excited to strengthen and learn new abilities and grow into something bigger and better, in both my photography and as a person. Although I feel a little confused and stuck currently in both, I am not worrying that things will stay this way. I will keep going.