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The Bay

3 Jan

Went on a mini-roadtrips of sorts with Kenny right before the new year. Drove up to the Bay – visited Lemoore, San Jose, Half Moon Bay, and San Francisco. Spent most of the time eating and shopping as well as catching up with old friends. Congrats to JJ & Ashley who surprised us with the news that they have a lovely baby on the way! ❤

It made me happy that we went on a random detour to Half Moon Bay since I’ve never been there before. So here are pics from that leg of the trip:

Sylvia G Photography

Sylvia G Photography
Sylvia G Photography

It also has newly become 2012. I’m really excited for this new year and all that it will bring. I’m hoping for lots of shooting and adventures as well as continuing to work with Instant Noodles Crew. Here’s to a great new year!


The Bay

28 Oct

Went up to the Bay area this past weekend (San Jose, San Mateo, San Francisco, and then down to Lemoore). The weekend was full of seeing friends but also full of rain. 😦

I didn’t take my SLR with me this trip because my shoot that I had planned had to be cancelled due to all the rain so I just figured I’d try to make it a relaxing trip. However, the new iPhone 4 camera is pretty amazing as well as the Cross Process app so I spent most of the weekend having fun with that.

Sylvia G Photography - San JoseSan Jose:
Poor House Bistro: Alysa and Bobby took me to Poor House Bistro on Friday night. Poor Bistro House is what they describe as a “New Orleans joint.” A place where you can enjoy live (very loud) jazz music and amazing soul food and drinks. The music here was great – they had a guy killing it on the harmonica. I had a Po boy sandwich and it was SO good. Their cajun fries were seasoned super well.
That second photo is just of the creepiest building ever at San Jose State University.

Sylvia G Photography - San Mateo San Mateo:
I spent most of my time in San Mateo eating.
Copenhagen Bakery & Cafe:  While walking around Burlingame, Cheryl pointed out that Copenhagen Bakery has amazing desserts so I had to get something. We got custard puffs which were HUGE and super good but very sweet.
Cafe Grillades: Had time to kill and it was pouring and I really wanted hot chocolate so we went to Cafe Grillades in San Bruno. Their hot chocolate had a really unique flavor and was not as sweet as the typical (but good). Shared a spinach and brie crepe which was pretty good. I’m more of a fan of dessert crepes, though. :p

Sylvia G Photography - San Francisco San Francisco!

Sylvia G Photography - LemooreThe weather going to Lemoore was amazing. The end.